Date: Fri, 13 May 1994 14:58:07 -0400 From: Arnold Zwicky Subject: Re: Flower scent and dialect Calycanthus floridus (sweet shrub, or Carolina allspice). we have two outside our dining room windows in columbus (ohio). we also have bush honeysuckle, mockorange, and (korean) box, all of them quite fragrant, in the garden. and an indian lime tree in a pot; it is covered with blooms right now, and gives off an intense sweet smell. when we're in palo alto, we have a set of victorian box trees (Pittosporum undulatum) just across the street; they scent the entire neighborhood. after them come the wisterias and jasmines. i've already forgotten why i'm discussing this on ADS-L...i think the fragrances have gotten to me. arnold