Date: Mon, 9 May 1994 11:47:53 -0700 From: THOMAS L CLARK Subject: Re: case On Sun, 8 May 1994, Dennis.Preston wrote: > The observation that 'case' also has a gambling/underworld sense of 'last' > matches data and memory I have. [snip] My clearest memory of it (and > this is confirmed in some old data I have from the '60's) is in reference to > cards, particularly 'desirable' ones, and most specifically the 'case ace,' > the last ace in the deck in that hand. Dennis has it remembered. According to The Dictionary of Gambling and Gaming (also not in Georgetown's library), "case" refers to the final one of a set. Case note is the last dollar of a gambler, case card is the last of that set undealt, case quarter is the final quarter dropped into a multiple-coin slot machine. Cheers, tlc