Date: Fri, 31 May 1996 16:49:56 -0600

From: "Gregory J. Pulliam" gpulliam[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]CHARLIE.CNS.IIT.EDU

Subject: Re: vowels for Bosnia

Illinois Institute of Technology multimedia specialist said. "Without them,

it would be difficult to utter a single word, much less organize a coherent

sentence. Please, just don't get me started on the moon-man languages they

use in those Eastern European countries."

According to the multimedia specialist who wished to remain anonymous,

once the Bosnians have vowels, they will be able to construct such valuable

sentences as: "The potatoes are ready;" "I believe it will rain." and "Can

you give me another box of ammo and a few grenades?"

Forgive me, but I'm trying to figure out who's riffing on IIT, and why.

Not that they shouldn't, of course--there's no shortage of potential

material here.

Greg Pulliam

Illinois Institute of Technology

Gregory Pulliam

Illinois Institute of Technology

Chicago, IL