Date: Tue, 28 May 1996 17:01:06 -0400

From: Jules Levin jflevin[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]UCRAC1.UCR.EDU

Subject: On (and off) my case...

Speaking of social workers (in the "client" discussion), is there any

disagreement that the expressions "to be on someone's case" and "get off my

case...", referring to hassling someone about anything, probably arose in

Welfare recipient jargon. A social worker has X # of cases; when they start

coming around and asking awkward questions it is because they are working

"on your case." So you tell them to "get off my case!!"

As I recall, these expressions entered general usage (baby-boomer and

younger) from below; I first heard them as underclass slang...

Any disagreement?

Jules Levin