To register, you may either:

1. Send this form by surface mail to:


Department of Linguistics and

Modern English Language,

Lancaster University,


Lancaster LA1 4YT

United Kingdom

2. Or fax it to: +44 - 1524 - 843085

3. Or email it to: mcenery[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]computing.lancaster.ac.uk

or mcenery[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]comp.lancs.ac.uk

4. Or fill in the interactive form on the World Wide Web at the URL


Please register BEFORE 1st June 1996, otherwise we cannot guarantee

availability of accommodation.

The fee for TALC96 includes the following:

Attendance at all TALC96 sessions

Conference Pack including Book of Abstracts

Accommodation on 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th August

Meals: 9th August: afternoon coffee and dinner

10th August: breakfast plus mid-morning coffee, lunch, afternoon

coffee and dinner.

11th August: breakfast plus mid-morning coffee, lunch, afternoon

coffee and dinner.

12th August: breakfast plus mid-morning coffee, lunch.

Accommodation is provided in single study bedrooms on the Lancaster

University main campus.

Payment Details:

Fees are payable in Pounds Sterling or US Dollars. Please make cheques

payable to 'Lancaster University'. Sterling money orders can also be

used for payment, and must be made payable to 'Lancaster University'.

US Dollar cheques are also acceptable, using a fixed exchange rate of

1.5 $US to the Pound. Unfortunately, we cannot accept credit card





Name: _______________________________________________

Title: _______________________________________________

Department: _______________________________________________


Organisation: _______________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________

Postcode/City: _______________________________________________

Country _______________________________________________

Telephone: ____________________________

Fax: ____________________________

Email: ____________________________

Attendance at TALC96

Residential #225.00

Student #170.00

Non-Residential #90.00

NOTE: Students must provide written evidence of their full time student

status, such as an official headed letter from their supervisor.

Special dietary requirements:

None Vegetarian Vegan


Please specify:



Any other comments:



Local Organising Committee

Gerry Knowles - Lancaster University, UK

Tony McEnery - Lancaster University, UK

Anne Wichmann - Central Lancashire University, UK

Simon Botley - Lancaster University, UK

General Organising Committee

Bernhard Kettemann - Graz, AU

Lou Burnard - Oxford University, UK

Tim Johns - Birmingham University, UK