Date: Wed, 15 May 1996 17:21:28 -0400


Subject: Re: send=public

I like getting junk e-missives myself. Spam has interesting possiblities

as a dietary supplement. Besides, it makes for a fun day. And I do have

a delete key, which I use often!?!

I know that we have specific scholarly concerns, to which this list is

devoted, but can every subscriber say that every post hir has made fits

that ADS concern? So who are we to join the censorship campaign?

Support free speech on the internet. Wear a blue ribbon.

My may day tirade was in earnest. Sorry to have abused you so, but it

did spark interesting replys, which were germaine to variationist study

even if my post was not.

By the way, Natalie, when you learn enough about Perl/CGI on your own,

clue me in. I empathize with your absence: I can't afford long

distance/lack of remote telnet logins either. Give us a vacation tale on

your return.



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