Date: Mon, 6 May 1996 19:11:15 -0400


Subject: Ling Bio and Ellen Johnson

I am excited by the assignment as Bethany describes it and plan to use it

in the future. A recent comment said the assignment elicited too much

about family and not enough about language. Why is that a problem?

My colleagues in Rhet/Comp use a similar assignment that I have never

found attractive. They ask students to write what they call a Literacy

Narrative. I don't know the whole of the assignment, but I understand it

is common in current comp pedagogy that has self-awareness and a Freirian

agenda as its content. Students write a narrative about their

development as writers. I have often looked on the idea with some envy,

but have never really seen an appropriate context. The way Bethany

describes the assignment may help me to find a context.

On a side note, which was the real purpose of the e-missive, can anyone

provide me with Ellen Johnson's current e-mail address? I understand she

may be changing jobs (she took one before we could hire her!) and I need

to contact her before she moves.

Terry Irons


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