Date: Mon, 8 May 1995 11:04:52 EDT


Subject: Re: Textbook Query

Wayne Glowka asks,

Book orders are due tomorrow. Finally, after fifteen years of wishing,

I'll be teaching linguistics to sophomores in the fall. A colleague and I

are thinking of using Fromkin and Rodman. Has anyone used this text? How

did it work? Is there perhaps a better text to use?

I have used Fromkin and Rodman in several editions. I find that each

successive one gets a little sloppier than the one before. There has

been no serious revision of the core parts of the book (phonology,

morphology, or syntax) to reflect advances in those areas.

A better text, I think, is the second edition of Finegan's text, Language

or some such. In addition, it has a workbook from which you can

duplicate materials without violating copy right restrictions (if you

are using the primary text). Or you could use the whole thing. I

think Finegan's chapters on social and historical aspects of language

are better than F & R.

Terry Irons



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