Date: Thu, 4 May 1995 13:19:02 EDT

From: Vicki Rosenzweig murphy!acmcr!vr[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]UUNET.UU.NET

Subject: new word?

I think this one is new: thagomizer. It's a semi-serious word for

the spikes on a stegosaur's tail. The paleontologists are using

it, either because they like the sound of it or because it's the

only word anyone has come up with. It's from a Gary Larson cartoon.

I've also seen "thagomizeriferous," meaning "having a thagomizer."

I doubt it's going to be used widely enough to be worth Word of

the Year status.

Vicki Rosenzweig

vr%acmcr.uucp[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]

New York, NY