Date: Fri, 27 May 1994 14:56:51 EDT


Subject: Re: Ringaleavio/Capture the Flag

OK, it's all coming back to me, slowly. But either there was an isogloss

through the center of the city or a change in nomenclature at some point. We

played something very much like what was just described, but under the name of

"Steal the White Flag", although I think Capture the Flag was an alternate

moniker. One essential defining feature of our version, as I recall, was the

existence of a Jail within enemy territory where you had to go when caught

wandering across No Man's Land [sic] and grabbed for three "n-one hundred"s; a

teammate could free you from jail but I think you had to get back to your

territory before returning across the line to steal the flag. We played in

Central Park. But we didn't call it Ringaleevio, which was a name that I

always thought went with a DIFFERENT game. --Larry