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Subject: More Old Mail ("mooning")

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Subject: Re: Re: mooning

I wasn't gonna get involved with this one, but the first citation of 27/8/63

interested me with the comment about origin two years earlier in California.

The time frame works, more or less, since I first heard of the practice in

Sept 1961 in college. I had just entered college (Columbia, NY) and heard

about pretty soon after. Until now I assumed it was an older custom

somewhere, and certainly NOT a New York City custom. Men exposing their

asses to unknown women (and esp when other unknown MEN might also see them)

is not consistent with the New York City variety of machismo of the time.

Thus, I believe the custom came from elsewhere, and was practiced by people

from elsewhere, even if they were college students in New York City. Only

later did I see reference to the custom among teenagers in the "male

teenager wants to get his first lay" genre of movies, so that's no good for

dating purposes (I mean, dating of first citation). Keep researching it

(if you think it's worthwhile) because as any student of slang

can tell you, you can't believe what the media says about such things.