Date: Tue, 24 May 1994 18:27:46 -0500

From: Charles F Juengling juen0001[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]GOLD.TC.UMN.EDU

Subject: Re: Alaska versions of pile and soda

For Tracey,

I am a native Oregonian (Portland-Salem). I have never heard 'soda' when

refering to 'pop'. (Soda is what one uses for baking. I always wondered why

and HOW someone could drink 'soda'). I also remember some people using

'coke' for 'pop'. You mentioned that you switched to 'soda' to escape

ridicule from your Hawaiian friends. Could it be that THEY use 'soda'?

A 'berm' to me is a grassy strech along side of a road or on the side of a


In the early '70's we used to 'pig-pile' on each other.

That reminds me of another game that we used to play. One kid would be in

control of a ball, while the others in the game would do just about

anything to wrench it from him. When someone else gained control, the mob

turned on him and dealt him the same punishment. It was basically a cross

between rugby, professioanl wrestling, and a bar room fight. Looking

back, I can't for the life of me figure out why I ever wanted that ball.

We called this game `smear the queer.' Does anyone else know it and what

did you call it.