Date: Tue, 17 May 1994 21:15:01 CDT


Subject: Re: peckerwood and dope

A man who grew up in Westminster SC (he says 'Westminister') is doing some

yard work for me. I asked him about 'peckerwood'. His initial response

was that it just meant 'stupid' because"a peckerwood beats his head against

a tree all the time." The next day he commented that it was also a bit

of an insult. So the "reversed form" isn't just for references to people.

He also said his family used the term 'dope' for soft drinks. He was

born in 1931, and is white. Westminster is west-northwest of Greenville,

near the Georgia border, northwest of Clemson.

Wayne Glowka remembered dope as the glue used in building model airplanes.

I think it may have been marketed with that term. If you sniffed it "it

would do bad things to your brain." DMLance