Date: Fri, 13 May 1994 08:28:00 CDT


Subject: pop

Thanks to Don Lance and Tim Frazer for their responses on

'pop' and 'soft drink,' etc. I'm beginning to think now that

the DARE data (summarized by Carver) might be all of the

published work there is on the distribution. Here in Northern

Illinois, 'pop' is not only universal, but exclusive in the

generic sense; i.e., a cola-type beverage may be called 'coke'

but it's always 'Get some pop at the store.' One of my first

experiences with this term was some years ago when I moved to

DeKalb. The service stations were competing with one another

then by giving lagniappes with fillups. After one such the

attendant (this station was not self-serve) asked: 'Want some

pop?' Never one to turn down a request like this, I said 'Sure.'

He brought me a six-pack of Coca-Cola. This from a 60 year old

man, so the term was well-established for at least several


Bibliography would be appreciated, or at least comments from

people like Frazer and Lance that they know of none.