Date: Sun, 8 May 1994 10:12:00 EDT

From: "Dennis.Preston" 22709MGR[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]MSU.EDU

Subject: case

The observation that 'case' also has a gambling/underworld sense of 'last'

matches data and memory I have. It would have been excluded from DARE both on

the grounds that it belonged to a special register (or registers) and that it

had no clear geographic distribution.

In this register, however, it is not clear to me if the term 'case' for last

is extended from cards to money or vice-versa. My clearest memory of it (and

this is confirmed in some old data I have from the '60's) is in reference to

cards, particularly 'desirable' ones, and most specifically the 'case ace,'

the last ace in the deck in that hand.

Dennis Preston

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