Date: Sat, 15 Mar 1997 17:18:55 +0000 From: Rose Nash Subject: Re: Word frequency list? I know of two good sources for this information: 1. The Ladder Dictionary of English. It's a recently revised paperback for beginning language students, and all the words are given a frequency rating from 1 to 5. 2. A General Serice List of English Words by Michael West (Longman, 1953). Contains the first 2000 most frequently used words as of that date. Should still be useful. There is also a statistical study of frequencies in written English done in the 70's at Brown University, I think. If memory serves, it was called Computational Analysis of Contemporary English by Stavnicky. ------------------------------------------- >I'm looking for the most commonly used words in the English language (just >a list). >Do you have any ideas, or know if somebody has already compiled one? > >Thanks, > >Chris Metaxas >cmetaxas[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] >