End of ADS-L Digest - 10 Mar 1997 to 11 Mar 1997 ************************************************ Subject: ADS-L Digest - 12 Mar 1997 to 13 Mar 1997 There are 9 messages totalling 212 lines in this issue. Topics of the day: 1. Kurath's categories of variation 2. "how good of" 3. transcription issues 4. common sense 5. Of a morning 6. "how good of" -Reply 7. the meanings of 'break' 8. -mondo 9. Ethnic "Humor" ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Thu, 13 Mar 1997 14:15:55 +0900 From: Daniel Long Subject: Re: Kurath's categories of variation Dale F.Coye wrote: > On the subject of pronunciation, Kurath talked about three kinds of variation > -- phonetic (different realizations of phonemes), phonemic (different number > of phonemes in the sound system), and lexical incidence of shared phonemes > (whether you use /s/ or /z/ in greasy. Is there another name for this last > category that I'm not aware of? It's so awkward to refer to it, as in a > sentence like: In this region there are some phonetic differences but also > many BLANK variations. Chambers and Trudgill call them "pronunciation isoglosses" in _Dialectology_ and differentiate between these and the sack/bag isoglosses which they refer as "lexical isoglosses" (page 113). Danny Long (Dr.) Daniel Long, Associate Professor Japanese Language Research Center Osaka Shoin Women's College 4-2-26 Hishiyanishi Higashi-Osaka-shi, Osaka Japan 577 tel and fax +81-6-729-1831 email dlong[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]joho.osaka-shoin.ac.jp http://www.age.or.jp/x/oswcjlrc/index-e.htm