Date: Sat, 30 Mar 1996 11:02:27 -0800 From: SETH SKLAREY Subject: Re: discussant Sali wrote: > In the BEHAVIORAL AND BRAIN SCIENCES the discussions are identified as >"commentaries", I think. So I would expect the authors of such discussion >essays to be "commentators", although this term seems to have been used >only for audio and visual modes of communication. ================== AAAARRRGHHH..........! (I just was reminded of a pet peeve. I am not commenting on Sali's usage). Why aren't people who make comments "commenters? Commentators are O.K, in my book as long as they comment, but they go over the line when they commentate. Likewise, students who go through orientation, in my humble opinion become oriented, not orientated. Seth Sklarey Wittgenstein School of the Unwritten Word Coconut Grove, FL crissiet[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]