Date: Wed, 27 Mar 1996 21:43:18 -0400 From: "Bethany K. Dumas, U of Tennessee" Subject: Re: Thanks for the lavatory On Wed, 27 Mar 1996, Larry Horn quoted the color-coded jingle popular during the California drought of the late 1970's: > If it's yellow, let it mellow, > If it's brown, flush it down. > It's always been amazing to me that people actually purchase and drink Mellow-Yellow! Bethany Bethany K. Dumas, J.D., Ph.D. | Applied Linguistics, Language & Law Dep't of English, UT, Knoxville | EMAIL: dumasb[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] 415 McClung Tower | (423) 974-6965 | FAX (423) 974-6926 Knoxville, TN 37996-0430 | See Webpage at