Date: Wed, 27 Mar 1996 11:19:56 -0300 From: Chris Brooks Subject: Re: Lavatory = ? I am impressed by the depth and breadth of posters' recollections on this thread of lavatories, etc. Sali's "simple" and "compound" waste contribution ("compound-complex", anyyone??) is great. How about terms in this semantic area in other languages? In Indonesian, for example, we ask if we can go to the little room (kamar kecil) or to behind (ke belakang). Dependig on the rurality of the site, we might be asked if we want to "throw big water" or "little water" (buang air besar/buang air kecil). Throwing little water might entail simply stepping behind a suitably distant tree; to throw big water would be more complex--and hazardous. Stepping gingerly out on a bamboo trunk slick with rain over a ditch while grasping another pole for stability indeed concentrates the mind wonderfully for the task at hand (!) Any other interesting foreign language euphamisms for this gripping subject? Chris Brooks / Kuwait