Date: Thu, 21 Mar 1996 20:07:51 -0700 From: William King Subject: Re: may/might distinction H. Stephen Straight wrote, regarding the may/might distinction, Your "NYC area" person may/might/must be from a different subarea than my students, /,/; but/but/) most of the NYC speakers in my classes would -- I believe -- find the above sentence completely acceptable..." The "NYC area" is Brooklyn, Yonkers, the Bronx, up through freshman year of h.s. Believe me, my wife lived in NY, then moved to the wilds of ... Valhalla. The sentence wasn't an asterisk to any of us, but it certainly sounded better the other way. Excuuuuuse me if the "NYC area" does not fit your geographical requirements. I would also assume that your students are not in the same "age group" as the people in "question." Bill King SLAT Univ. of Arizona wfking[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]