Date: Wed, 20 Mar 1996 08:49:54 EST From: Sonja Lanehart Subject: Re: AHD 2nd edition Thanks for the responses I've gotten so far about the AHD. I think my first post was misleading because I used the term 'desktop'. I wasn't looking for an electronic AHD, but I understand how that happened. The one I am looking for is the edition that Calvert Watkins did the etymological key in the back of the dictionary. With the information I've gotten so far, it seems it is still possible to find one somewhere. BTW, I'm sorry for sharing personal mail. I didn't pay attention to the header on the message Don Lance sent. *********************************************************************** Sonja L. Lanehart Dept. of English (300 Park Hall) Phone: (706) 542-2260 University of Georgia Fax: (706) 542-2181 Athens, GA 30602-6205 E-mail: Lanehart[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] ***********************************************************************