Date: Mon, 18 Mar 1996 10:21:53 -0800 From: David Robertson Subject: Lakota possessives This is in regard to my recent comment about forms of possession in Lakota. I haven't managed to corral my friend who's got a copy of Riggs' grammar. However on page 39 of Father Buechel's dictionary, he enumerates along with the "separate" possessives, i.e. adjectival forms, the following _four_ (not three as I'd thought) grammatical categories of possession affixes: 1. Property [mita...] 2. Body parts [ma...] 3. Incorporeal parts [mi...] 4. Relationships [mi...; ...ku; unki...pi; etc.] I hope this is of some help. Note that Buechel doesn't speak of "inalienable" and "alienable" possession, so those of us interested in that question will still need to research a bit in the language. Dave