Date: Sun, 17 Mar 1996 15:46:34 -0500 From: Allan Metcalf Subject: PADS 79 is being printed On the 7th of March, issue No. 79 of Publication of the American Dialect Society was sent to the printer by the University of Alabama Press. It is: _Under Cover of Law: More on the Legality of Surreptitious Recordings_ by Thomas E. Murray with the assistance of Carmin D. Ross-Murray. This is a sequel to their essay in PADS 76 (1992), updating the information about laws on surreptitious recording, and answering questions raised in response to that earlier essay. The managing editor of the Alabama Press tells me the volume is scheduled for shipping in May. All current members of the American Dialect Society will get a copy of this, which is a perquisite of membership in addition to _American Speech_ and the newsletter. (By the way, the Winter 1995 issue of _American Speech_ is going to members this month.) If you don't belong to ADS but would like to get this perq, send me your s-mail address and I'll send you a sample newsletter and other information. Or you can just make a check for $30 ($15 student) to American Dialect Society and mail it to me: Allan Metcalf, Executive Secretary English Department MacMurray College Jacksonville, Illinois 62650