Date: Fri, 15 Mar 1996 12:53:40 -0800 From: David Robertson Subject: Re: "smathered", "cobbed", etc. Thank you all for "cobbed" information; I'm learning far more about it than I'd dreamed I might. Funny how even a linguist doesn't necessarily always notice peculiarities in close family members' speech. Quite the informal survey going on here. May I chip in another term? Spokane people, and no one else I've ever spoken with, often call a couch / sofa a "daveno" pronounced [daev[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]nou], with initial stress. My sense is that it's old-fashioned as I never hear people under about 50 years old use it. Does this term show up elsewhere? FYI, those who don't say "daveno" here say "couch"; nobody here says "daveno" for the nearby small city of Davenport, WA. Dave