Date: Thu, 14 Mar 1996 14:21:44 -0700 From: bruce dwight bolinging Subject: Re: Thursday next, etc. Here are a couple of quite acceptable sentences in Mid-Ulster/Ulster Scots that might be of interest to you in the light of your reply to my query: (1) he come back Thursday week "he came back a week ago Thursday" (2) he come back last Thursday week "he came back a week ago last Thursday" These pattern with the sentence: I recived your letter this day munth "I received your letter a month ago today." With this compare: I'm away to Amerikay this day month "I'm off to America a month from today." In asking my question I was simply concerned to know whether Southern American English might have lost the retrospective meaning of such phrases in favor of the prospective Bruce D. Boling University of New Mexico bboling[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]