Date: Thu, 14 Mar 1996 14:38:29 -0600 From: Samuel Jones Subject: Clabber ad infinitum When I was growing up in the eastern part of Oklahoma, on a ranch-farm in or near Muskogee, Oklahoma, "clabbered milk" was a quite common expression. Clabbered milk was supposed to help make extra good biscuits. Further, there was a brand of baking powder called "Clabber Girl Baking Powder," advertised, as I dimly recall. on signs sporting a young woman in a bonnet, a long farm dress, and maybe(?) an apron. CLABBER GIRL BAKING POWDER. I am attempting to run down not the girl but a patent which might reveal the company's name. It could jus as simply be Clabber Girl Baking Powder Co. That's it! smjones ____________________________________________________________________________ DR. SAMUEL M. JONES INTERNET: smjones1[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] Prof. of Music & Latin American Studies TELNET: samjones[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] 5434 Humanities Building FAX: 608 + 262-8876 (UW) 455 North Park Street __________________________________________ University of Wisconsin-Madison TELEPHONES: 608 + 263-1900 (UW-Lv. message) Madison, WI 53706-1483 * 608 + 263-1924 * (UW-Office - * VOICE MAIL--Lv message) ____________________________________________________________________________ "Pen-y-Bryn" TELEPHONES: 608 + 233-2150 (Home) 122 Shepard Terrace 608 + 233-4748 (Home) Madison, WI 53705-3614 ____________________________________________________________________________