Date: Wed, 13 Mar 1996 22:53:28 -0800 From: "J.Russell King" Subject: Re: Thursday week - this/next Thursday >I have missed more than one social event because of a >misunderstanding about which Thursday was intended by the phrase "next >Thursday." It seems to me that some speakers always contast "this" and >"next," using the phrase "this Thursday" for the next one on the >calendar and "next Thursday" for the second one coming up on >the calendar . . . In my own syntax, and what I assume to be that of those around me, "this Thursday" is a very elastic term, and as an editor I always try to write around it unless the context is clear. It depends, to a great degree, on how close the speaker is to Thursday. On a Wednesday or Tuesday, "this Thursday" clearly means the next one and "next Thursday" means a little over a week from now. But on Sunday, and perhaps Monday, "next Thursday" might well mean the very next Thursday, instead of the one that's a week-and-a-half in the future. But it might not. And on Friday and maybe Saturday, "this Thursday" usually means yesterday or the day before yesterday, not the Thursday of the following week. More often than not, I'd bet you'll find that "this x-day" is generally translated as "the x-day that occurs/occurred in the week that we're currently in," that, like daylight saving time, at about midnight on Saturday night "next Thursday" becomes "this Thursday," etc. And what had been "this Thursday" becomes "last Thursday." As for Thursday week, I've never used it myself but my mother, and even moreso the older members of her family, all used the locution regularly. Southeast Arkansas, and far from aristocratic. JRKing