Date: Wed, 13 Mar 1996 14:20:59 -0800 From: David Robertson Subject: Lakota word 'unhcegila' Beg pardon if I'm absentmindedly sending this to the wrong list... But, about 'unhcegila', I seem to recall Father Buechel defining it as mastodon or woolly mammoth or some such. Explanation: "bones were dug up to be used as medicine," I believe. I was always puzzled about that, and don't know any Lakotas to ask. Regardless of the status of 'unhcegila' as a water demon or as Ice Age creature (--or both? Interesting thesis--) does the word have some connection with terms for peyote? And did Lakota peyote names originally mean something else? Thanks to anyone who may be able to help on this; Dave