Date: Wed, 13 Mar 1996 14:16:26 -0600 From: Elizabeth Gregory Subject: Clabber milk -Reply Here's a little Texas information on soured milk-- In _The Regional Vocabulary of Texas_ (1962), Bagby Atwood says: To designate milk that has turned sour and thick, the almost universal Texas word is 'clabber', while only a few informants give 'clabber(ed) milk'. (p.62) In _From Blinky to Bluejohn: A Word Atlas of Northeast Texas_ (1970), Fred Tarpley reports that 82 percent of his respondents described "milk that has soured and thickened" as 'clabber(ed) milk'--he does not report any instances of 'clabber' alone. Blinky and bluejohn, two other Texas terms used to refer to less-than-fresh milk, are another story. Elizabeth Gregory Texas A&M University P.S. I do remember the terms 'clabber' and 'clabbered milk' from my own childhood, mostly used by older people (Caucasian and African-American). I was born in 1962 in Montgomery, Alabama.