Date: Thu, 7 Mar 1996 00:52:17 +1608 From: "Donald M. Lance" Subject: Re: Survey of e-usage I wonder if those who're opposed to ADS lending any kind of support to a survey on standardizing written/citation forms for references to electronic exchange of information also want to extend ultimate freedom to to their students who'd prefer not to have to get so fussy about spelling etc. After all! Joan Cook makes a good case for repetition, and what the survey seems to be about is the citation-like usages that we'd like to be able to know how to write in a formal paper. And Rudy Troike's caveat is important: those doing the survey should not go into the endeavor with an unyieldingly pre-set agenda if they want to be better received among academics than Pat Buchannan. Donald M. Lance, University of Missouri engdl[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]