Date: Wed, 6 Mar 1996 18:02:16 -0800 From: seth sklarey Subject: Re: skinny marink? >Right--"skinny marink" was essentially the opposite of "fatso", but without >the same degree of negative loading (it was more in the nature of teasing than >insulting), for obvious cultural reasons. Seth, do you remember how it was >stressed for you in Newark? SKINny marink (with -marink functioning almost >like a suffix, with no stress), or skinny marINK (with final stress?). The >stress pattern explains why I'm confident in spelling the last vowel -i-, but >have no clue as to whether the penultimate vowel is indeed -a-, or -e-, or >whatever (cf. our earlier discussion of saluggi). Youth English as an >untranscribed language... > > Larry It was SKINny mahRINK with more emphasis on the rink. It was usually referred in the third person as "she's a real skinny marink." Seth