Date: Tue, 5 Mar 1996 10:33:37 CST From: Bryan Long Subject: Teen slang (esp. Southern) I am not a linguist so I turn to you all for help. I am a student who happens to have an interest in finding information about common slang used by today's teenagers, particularly those in the South. I am working on a project where this information would be quite helpful, but I'm not sure where to turn for information. Are there any dictionaries, books, newsletters or papers that discuss, or list, slang for the modern teen? (I can't use any old works that may discuss slang from the 80s or valley talk or any that focus primarily on, say, NYC boroughs). If there aren't currently any works available, is there anyone in particular who studies this topic that could be of assistance to me? Any help would be nice. Thanks in advance. Bryan Long blong[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]