Date: Mon, 4 Mar 1996 12:05:38 -0400 From: Barnhart Subject: Re(2): Re(2): Preserve the English language! The editing of The World Book Dictionary (formerly The World Book Encyclopedia Dictionary) was directed by Clarence L. Barnhart (1900-1993) until his retirement from Barnhart Books in 1980. In the 1970's Robert K. Barnhart (my brother) was added to the title page although he had been working on it from its inception. He is currently the principal editor. Send me a snail-mail address and I'll post to you a summary of his career published in The Barnhart Dictionary Companion (quarterly) which he began in 1982. Regards, David K. Barnhart, Editor/Publisher The Barnhart Dictionary Companion [quarterly journal of new words] Barnhart[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]