Date: Fri, 1 Mar 1996 13:16:34 -0500 From: Anita Puckett Subject: Re: koofer >After the midterm today, a grad student, originally from Virginia Tech, >asked if the exams were not beign returned because of koofers. > >I was blank. She said at VT koofer meant "old test" and copies of them >were kept in koofer files in dorms, frats, ROTC offices. > >Is this widespread college slang, Connie? > >Thomas L. Clark 702/895-3473 >University of Nevada, Las Vegas (89154-5011) >tlc[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] I never heard the term until I received an appointment here at Virginia Tech. Within one week after arriving, I was informed about "koofers" and was told the term originated here and was idiosyncratic to this institution. That's the lore from here, anyway. Anita Puckett Appalachian Studies Program Center for Interdisciplinary Studies Virginia Tech University Blacksburg VA 24061-0227 (540) 231-9526 apuckett[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]