There are 17 messages totalling 525 lines in this issue. Topics of the day: 1. GAY (Changes to the English Language) (2) 2. Question: regional volubility (4) 3. More on "queer" 4. Call for papers- GLS conference on discourse 5. Query: Accent diagnostics 6. koofer (3) 7. Addition to Web Pages (2) 8. China/Albania/Europe 9. speed 10. Child of God ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Thu, 29 Feb 1996 22:21:18 -0700 From: William King Subject: Re: GAY (Changes to the English Language) There was an Evergreen Press book of dubious authenticity that contained references to the "gay life" of prostitutes in late 19th cent. London that certainly agrees withs Al's information. Here's something from NYC from the early 60's. A billboard for Vic Tanney (gyms/muscle building) back in those days of Katy Winters supposedly was hit with the graffiti "Now I'm Gay and Unafraid," the slogan of Arrid Extra Dry Roll-On deodorant. Another reason to have gay connotations for gay -- wonderfully witty humor. Bill King University of Arizona SLAT Program and I must get back to work.