Date: Sat, 1 Apr 1995 12:21:01 GMT+1200 From: Tim Behrend Subject: Re: boston coolers Lynne Murphy wrote on 31 March 1995: > i never had g. ale w/ sherbet, but we used to make ginger ale floats > with ice cream and my mom told us they were called "boston coolers" > (upstate n.y.). maybe it was supposed to be sherbet. > > lynne I have never heard anyone use the word "Boston Coolers" except members of my family (both maternal and paternal sides), so was interested to see Lynne's citation. For us, though, (German-Irish, Cleveland, 1940s-1970s), it referred to a root beer float (with ice cream, not sherbeRt). It's been a couple years since I've had root beer now (unknown down under), and a Boston Cooler would really hit the spot on this sultry late summer day. Tim Behrend, Asian Languages, University of Auckland t.behrend[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]