Date: Wed, 29 Mar 1995 12:00:41 -0600 From: debaron[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]UIUC.EDU Subject: Re: ADS-L: Help with chicken salad? Our local TGIF (Friday's, a restaurant chain) has Thai Chicken Salad, which I've seen elsewhere as well. It is as described for Chinese c.s., only with hot peanut sauce for dipping. Not a bad choice, actually. As for 'smores, the modern girl scout of today (age 11 3/4) reports that all your recipes are correct. She usually makes them in the microwave at home, on the campfire when camping (except when camping at the Radisson, in which case they send out for pizza and do their nails). Actually, all she said was, "Kul," but that's what she meant, according to my 5 3/4 year old son, who can translate preteen speak quite well. Dennis -- Dennis Baron debaron[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] Department of English office: 217-333-2392 University of Illinois fax: 217-333-4321 608 South Wright Street home: 217-384-1683 Urbana, Illinois 61801