Date: Wed, 29 Mar 1995 10:52:04 -0500 From: Stewart Mason Subject: Re: Update on S'mores >I just remembered a variant of s'mores I was introduced to in the >late 60's (the 60's came to Fayetteville, Ark., later than elsewhere): >the chocolate sandwich. To make a chocolate sandwich you need > >white bread >Hershey bars >enough p** to get you zonked enough to actually eat white bread > >To make the chocolate sandwiches, you > >smoke enough p** to get h*** enough to eat white bread, then >break the Hershey bars up >put slices of the Hershey bars between slices of the white bread >eat Bethany-- While I myself have never gotten high enough to do this (although I did once polish off an entire jar of Cheez Whiz--I stopped smoking soon after this, for obvious reasons), I *have* eaten chocolate sandwiches. It's a French childen's dish called pain du chocolat ("chocolate bread"), and it consists solely of sections of Hershey bars stuffed into pieces of French bread. It is much, much better than it sounds. Have you noticed how much time we spend talking about food on this list? Stewart =============================== "I'd like to keep my arms around her forever But she wants to be home by ten." --Game Theory =============================== Stewart Allensworth Mason PO Box 4056 Portales NM 88130