Date: Tue, 28 Mar 1995 10:53:36 -0500 From: "Peter L. Patrick" Subject: Re: ADS-L: Help with "smores" and "salad shooter"? Dear John, I consulted two experts on the subjects you raised. A long-time ex-Girl Scout confirmed my basic intuitions about S'MORES: a campfire confection. You roast or toast marshmallows on a stick over the fire (maybe there's higher technology nowadays). Then you smear them onto graham crackers and apply Hershey's chocolate bars, which melt on contact with the marshmallow, if done right. (I had thought peanut butter was present too-- but my informant was firm on the point that *classic* s'mores involve no peanut butter.) The word is that they're named after "I want s[ome]'more!" A worker at Kitchen Bazaar, which is too upscale to sell them, said SALAD SHOOTERS are any of a wide variety of slicer/dicer machines, usually consisting of a large cylinder with a blade inside and a small cylinder from which chopped vegetables (cucumbers, carrots, etc.) shoot out. Sort of a cheap, manual food processor. I think I've seen them with another cylindrical opening on top which you feed the yet-unscathed vegetable thru. He recommended K-Mart. (Perhaps, in your circumstances, Ikea?) Since I most uncharacteristically skipped breakfast, it's clear what I should do next... Hope this helps! --peter patrick georgetown univ. linguistics dept.