End of ADS-L Digest - 24 Mar 1995 to 25 Mar 1995 ************************************************ There are 4 messages totalling 95 lines in this issue. Topics of the day: 1. Words of the 20th Century 2. had the biscuit 3. see or say 4. Creme Soda ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Sun, 26 Mar 1995 16:31:36 -0500 From: AAllan[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]AOL.COM Subject: Re: Words of the 20th Century Is it that time already? Millennial fever will soon engulf our thoughts. But good for you, David, for issuing the call. I remember a couple of years ago Dennis Baron saying there should be an ADS New Word of the Century, as well as New Word of the Year, when the appropriate meeting rolls around. Good idea, which ties in very well with David's. But - when will be the appropriate meeting? If we're with LSA, which meets in January, would that be January 2000, or January 2001? - Allan Metcalf