Date: Sat, 25 Mar 1995 16:01:35 -1000 From: Terry Pratt Subject: had the biscuit To my surprise I am unable to locate the phrase HAD THE BISCUIT, usually in some utterance such as "Well, that engine's had the biscuit" (ie is 'dead', finished, kaput, it is an un-engine), in any source available to me at the moment. TAKE THE BISCUIT, yes, as in 'take the cake, if that don't beat all' etc. Yet I, a Canadian currently sabbaticking in Paradise, have known that phrase all my life, and so have others I have asked. Any help here? Refers to last communion wafer of dying person? I want to answer a query on the source of this phrase from a member of the, hem hem, my public. Terry Pratt University of Prince Edward Island University of Hawaii at Hilo, pro tem.