Date: Sat, 25 Mar 1995 16:25:46 -0800 From: Dan Alford Subject: Re: Grammar Books Last year I taught Modern English Grammar for the first time since 1971, using Marilyn Silva's _Grammar in Many Voices_. [How? Using her last draft before publication. Maybe I should add that I'm her husband! So consider the source!] Anyway, I found it to be an excellent book for teaching students to actually DO grammar rather than just teaching them ABOUT it. The students in the top half of the grades got extremely enthusiastic (even complaining about how it had WRECKED their reading skills for other classes, since they were unconsciously analyzing rather than reading for content the way they were supposed to!) -- and the bottom half, well, I suppose their social life was much more intriguing to them. I recommend it for its non-theoretical and surface-structure approach. Plus, after only two months in publication it is already the top seller for its publisher, the NTC Publishing Group, for all its titles. -- Moonhawk (%->) <"The fool on the hill sees the sun going down and> <-- McCartney/Lennon>