Date: Sat, 25 Mar 1995 17:26:52 GMT From: Barnhart Subject: Words of the 20th Century Last winter in San Diego "leaked" to some friends over dinner that I was compiling informally a list of the most significant words of the 20th Century. Some of the words will be obvious (e.g. computer, Internet, etc.); some (particularly those from the earlier part of the Century) might not be so obvious. A sampling of the postprandial suggestions were: tank (the military kind), automat, commie, polio, sulfa drug, pop (or soda), hero (as in the sandwich), moonshine, plane (as in airplane), and beatnik. What are your candidates? Be sure to differentiate the "Words Of the Century" from "Words for 1995." The latter are for the next December meeting. SEND CANDIDATES TO: Barnhart[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]