Date: Mon, 20 Mar 1995 19:06:41 -0600 From: Anne Baldwin Subject: Frappes, cabinets and tonics. Larry Horne writes: >Actually, speaking not of chuckholes but of frappes, which David also was, >I was just in South Station in Boston and was delighted to observe that the >soft drinks (including iced tea!) for sale at the main snack bar are all >listed under the general capitalized heading "TONICS". (And cabinets are >still alive and well in Westerly, R. I., at least as of a few years ago.) >I wonder what out-of-towners make of it. --Larry Not just in Westerly. Milk, ice cream, and flavoring, blended together and sold as frappes in nearby Massachusetts, are known as cabinets throughout Little Rhody. Coffee milk (sweetened coffee-flavored milk) is popular, too. Its as popular among school children as chocolate milk, and coffee flavored syrup is universally sold in R.I. groceries. Coffee milk blended with ice cream is a "coffee cab." ====================================================================== Robert F. Baldwin, 515/284-8920 Freelance Articles Member, ASJA ======================================================================