Date: Mon, 20 Mar 1995 12:21:38 -0600 From: Shana Walton Subject: Re: Cajun homesteads I didn't see a personal email address so I'm posting this to the list, I guess. You can contact Maida Owens, director of the Louisiana Folklife Program, in Baton Rouge at (504) 342-8180. No email. Part of her job is to keep up with such things as folk architecture. She'll have some good ideas where to send you for most picturesque, most "authentic," or whatever you want. Also, FYI, in _Cajun Country_ by Ancelet, Edwards and Pitre, (University Press of Mississippi, 1991) there's a good, clearly-written, straight-forward-for-the-layperson section on folk architecture with a bit of history, some photographs, house plans and layouts, and a map showing house-type distributions in the state. -- Shana Walton Mississippi Oral History Program University of Southern Mississippi swalton[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] (601) 266-5606