Date: Mon, 20 Mar 1995 10:43:22 -0500 From: Donald Larmouth Subject: Re: Willamette Valley and Oregon My son David is a senior at Willamette University in Salem. All freshmen from out of state were told "It's WiLLAMette, dammit!" and this is confirmed in the Insider's Guide to Colleges handbook. Since there is a community in Wisconsin called Oregon [oregAn] (rhymes with moron), he could have been in even more trouble, but his old man knew this shibboleth and taught him [oreg[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]n] before he left. So at least he didn't get into trouble for that. P.S.: Is there a source for phonetic symbol equivalents on e-mail? I picked up the ampersand as equivalent to schwa from this communication, but there must be a standard list somewhere and I'm just ignorant of it.