Date: Sun, 19 Mar 1995 18:12:16 -0600 From: Anne Baldwin Subject: Cajun homesteads A national house and lifestyle magazine that I write for frequently is looking for a Cajun or Creole homestead in rural Louisiana to feature in an ongoing series of articles devoted to "Our Country Heritage." The article would be about the house, the family who lives there, and the connection of the house and its occupants to a regional or ethnic lifestyle. The house should be old; the older the better. The editor would prefer a house that has been in the same family for several generations. It can be in need of repair, but it should in some way typify a regional or ethnic lifestyle. Ideally, it would be near some body of water, forest, or other natural feature associated with the family's lifestyle. I know there are subscribers on this list who are knowledgeable about Cajun life. Do any of you know of such a place? ====================================================================== Robert F. Baldwin, 515/284-8920 Freelance Articles Member, ASJA ======================================================================