Date: Sun, 19 Mar 1995 10:23:49 -0800 From: Anton Sherwood Subject: apposite -s Michael Montgomery writes: > . . . . My university has for some time had an _Athletics > Director_, presumably since the Sports Information Office or the school's > Office of Media Relations has decided that this represents the proper > derivation from _Director of Athletics_. It has become the only term > used in university publicity and in the local newspaper, although so far > as I can tell, only a written form (one hears only _Athletic Director_). > I haven't tried to track this down hereabouts, but probably should. Has > the same -s been cropping up on other campuses? . . . All I can say is that my dad was never a "physic professor"! Anton Sherwood *\\* +1 415 267 0685 *\\* DASher[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]