Date: Sat, 18 Mar 1995 09:54:03 -0600 From: Gerald Walton Subject: Re: Coupe vs. sedan > The interior was also smaller. In the 50s, >weren't there also cars that were billed as two-door sedans for a while -- >i.e., a rather big car almost the size of a 4-door but with only two doors? Yes, that's my remembrance also. >As a pre-teen I also thought a coupe' had to have a rumbleseat. I don't remember that. In the 50's, in particular, people I knew used "coupe" to refer to two-door cars with no back seat. My 1950 Plymouth was called, by most people, a "business man's coupe." It had a huge very deep trunk (people sometimes referred to the trunks as "turtle shells") and no back seat. It did have a good deal of space behind the one seat, though, enough space for a small person to stand in. GWW